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Frequently Asked Questions

There are currently two ways to get free standard shipping:

1: Spend more than $75 on any order.

2: Use the promo code for special deals that will be available from time to time.

If there’s a promotion going on, the promo code will automatically appear on the homepage.

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. That money goes to whichever print company will supply your product. They charge less for multiple items for example: As of November 2023, the shipping cost for a 15oz mug is $9.69, the shipping cost for two mugs would be $13.28.

If we already have the product you want here on-site, sure. Just let us know through the contact section below. We can add it for you. 

We can certainly try. Just let us know in the contact section below. We’ll get back to you with pricing options. 

Shouldn’t be a problem. Message us through the contact form below with the details.

First, please double-check the delivery address you gave, then message us through the contact form below with the details.

Sorry, at present, our return policy doesn’t offer exchanges or refunds for  products ordered in the wrong size.


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